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Top ten baseless quotes against one of the most important insurance policies you could ever buy.

(These are actual quotes from closings over the years - really!)

  •  “If you’ve done your job, I shouldn’t need title insurance.”

  •  “We are the only owners of this property. We don’t need title insurance.”

  • “This property has been in my family forever. There are no title problems.”

  • “If my lender requires coverage, I don’t need it. I’m protected under their policy.”

  • “We have refinanced this property many times. If there was a title issue, surely someone would have found it by now.”

  • “I paid my seller cash for the property and he said everything was okay.”

  • “I went to the courthouse and they said the title was just fine.”

  • “We’re on a budget and title insurance is out of the question. Don’t even check the title…”

  • “I’ve been buying and selling property for many years and never buy title insurance.”

  • “The title is fine.  We bought the property from an estate. Everything had to be in order before we could buy it.”

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